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What Can Hany’s Gourmet Fruits do for you?

  • Chef Friendly Cuts

  • Smoothie Blend Pulps

  • Freshly Frozen Fruits

  • Chef Friendly Cuts

Welcome to Hany’s Gourmet Fruits, your one stop solution for fresh frozen fruits sourced from all around the world. Thanks to our large global network of trusted partners, we are not limited by borders, unlike many of our competitors.

Our ultimate goal is to provide high-quality individual quick frozen (IQF) fruit and natural fruit pulp/puree at economical prices to wholesalers, manufacturers, importers and distributors regardless of their location. Hany’s Gourmet Fruits’ solutions will add a dash of color and a splash of freshness to each and every food product you offer to your customers.

Product Categories

We are proud to be the first company in the world that offers fresh frozen fruits across 3 different categories. You can trust in our unwavering commitment to providing these high-quality products at extremely competitive prices.

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Smoothie Blend Pulps

The Concentrate of Perfection

We provide plenty of options for creating refreshingly delicious fruit blends in a cup

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Chef Friendly Cuts

The Piece of Perfection

Our diced IQF fruit cubes are washed & ready for immediate use in the kitchen to create sweet delicacies

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Freshly Frozen Fruits

The Variety of Perfection

Our 100% real fruit are picked at the peak of their freshness giving an energised feeling, with the fresh taste


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